Optimize AP disbursements, regardless of payment type.

Turbo charge your accounting software and improve AP efficiency, reduce errors, and increase your revenue.
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Integrated with your favorite software

An AP solution that enriches the buyer and supplier relationship

We optimize the payables process to deliver real value and bottom line savings to our customers

Reduce Costs

Reduce manual processing costs and improve invoice reconciliation

Mitigate Risk

Increase control and visibility to reduce errors and potential fraud.

Streamline Processes

Leverage our AP automation framework to increase productivity

Generate Revenue

Optimize working capital to achieve margin improvement and spend rebates

Simplify your business payments and turn manual processes into automated electronic payments

Regardless of the size or complexity of your business, our AP solution will help your organization reduce manual processes and enhance control and visibility over business expenses by enriching the Buyer/Supplier relationship.
  • Gain greater control over expenses
  • Get deeper insights into purchasing patterns
  • Eliminate paper and manual processes
  • Increase productivity with improved workflow automation

The Ideal AP Solution to optimize
all your disbursements

AP Automation

Connect your financial system and automate the payment, remittance delivery and reconciliation process even for portal payments.

Payment Verification

Quickly access payment details like method, amount, status, and the remittance details.

Enhance your ERP/Accounting software
Connect any ERP or financial system, automating the payment, remittance delivery and reconciliation process across any payment type.
Uncover hidden value and added cost savings
Benefit from cost savings, greater discount realization, increased security, improved supplier relations, flexible payment options, greater visibility, and more
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Unlock cash flow from day-to-day operations
Reduce manual processes and facilitate comprehensive supplier/terms management to maximize margin improvement, efficiency, and control—for ultimate payment and cash flow optimization.
Tap into monthly rebates
Achieve the ideal payment at scale – one that is electronic, accurate and paid on time with the maximum discount – delivering real value and bottom line savings.
Custom reporting for deeper insights
Dashboards and enhanced reporting tools show consolidated spend views and provide greater insight into purchasing patterns and trends.
Spending Controls
Significantly reduces payment-related fraud & misuse using single use virtual payments and purchase cards with 5 layers of customized restrictions.

A new perspective on supplier payments

Streamline operations and increase profits with our innovating technology
AP Automation
ERP Integrated
Highly Secure
AP Analytics
Supplier Enablement
Spending Controls
Revenue Generator
Single Payment File

Modernize the way you make payments

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